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Shen, Thresh, Kindred
Support, Fighter, Marksman


My name is Kernelly (it's not a nickname, I actually got such a weird name), I'm 23 years old and I'm from England. Playing League of Legends since 2010, when my cousin told me about this game. I have been playin on EUNE since then and moved onto EUW with my main account around 2017, because I've had enough toxic players, and playing since then became more pleasant and fun - less toxic. I started playing rankeds in Season one and my Leagues were: s1 - bronze, s2 - silver, s3 - gold, s4 - platinum, s5 - gold, s6 - silver, s7 - silver, s8 - silver, s9 - silver (currently). You don't have to believe me, I don't care, I had many smurfs and I'm counting them here. Rarely playing rankeds on my main account. I like drawing, painting, listening to music, reading - so nothing special 'bout that I guess. I hate playing one champion all the time so I got a lot of mains, but my current mains are Supports, Tanks, Fighters (not all obviously, but definitely some of them). For example Thresh, Shen, Soraka, Kindred - my current champion pool. On my main account I got 900 days played (in hours not in how many days I logged onto that account), I'm kinda nerdish, lol. And I'm making weird guides without, most aren't in depth, because it's rarely necessary, you just have to know the game (champions, mechanics, tactical thinking, objectives - these will stay the same on every champion) so I'm just posting runes, items, spells and some notes to help you a little bit. Peace out.
P.S. Kernelly was taken so my nickname on MobaFire is Gearbites #EDGY #COOL

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