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HDS KonekoJinxie
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Who is Koneko? Well, I'm a young teenage girl with a lot of issues. I'm insecure with my own actions, relying on the word of others commonly. I guess I can be considered shy around new people, but give it time, and I can be nice. Unless I hate you, then you can go burn...

Aside from this, I guess you could say I'm really awkward...

Now, onto the other stuff. I like to game a lot, and show favor to RTS MOBA type games and MMOs. I like to play League of Legends and I also enjoy playing Unturned(Another steam game) and Left for Dead. I'm not really what you can label a huge gamer, but I do game a lot, just on one consistant game.

I have a lot of issues in my life I won't discuss, but whatever.

k Bai