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Hodgeybeatz (Unverified)
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Hi, my name is Nick and I live in Ohio. As of right now, League is my favorite game. I started playing at the start of season 2 and have been going strong ever since! I achieved gold in season 3, peaking at about 1750 ELO. I have high hopes of achieving platinum this season.

As of right now, my favorite champions are Yasuo, Fiddlesticks, Riven, and Wukong. I can play pretty much every lane at equal skill level, but prefer to go top, mid, or jungle. The first champion I started playing was Singed and to this day he is my favorite champion. I also have the top rated Singed guide on MOBAFIRE!

If you have any questions, feel free to message me and don't be afraid so shoot me a friend request, I'd be glad to play some normals with you!