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26 Sep
I had a pretty funny game today. It started off by me queing up with 4 of my friends and we wanted to do something trolly in normals. The Rumble on my team called top but my other friend, the Rammus, insta-locked and called top. I already locked in Thresh so I decided to go ADC. I forgot to swap out my masteries, so I had AD runes and support masteries. The Rammus and I decided to bot against a Blitzcrank/ Ashe and we pretty much dominated them all game.

We then decided to go mid just to **** around and kill people, but what happened next was pretty hilarious. The...
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13 Jul
As the title states, what the hell is up with all these trolls lately? I don't understand. I have had 4 afk's (which were mostly rage quits) out of 6 games, which were all losses. I have also been getting tons of toxic players. Last game our Swain was mad that I accidentally took his blue buff due to the red buff DoT. I apologized to him but then he decided to troll. He never helped us and proclaimed, "have fun 4v5 noobs". He didn't actually afk, but farmed top all game and harassed us. Another game our top Trundle got wrecked by this Kennen which is understandable due...
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