Hit 1000 post/comment mark today :) I saw other people make these sort of blogs (for post num. rep num. 2 year on moba etc.) so I thought I should make one too. Turns out that I have been on this website for a lot longer than I thought (1 year and 2 months now), and that I'm not that active compared to other posters who joined AFTER me *cough cough*
*cough cough*. So here's a list of stuff I sorta want to do :)

1. Post more: Often times I am reading all your funny comments and sh*t and I spend half an hour reading a whole thread and then I just go back to the main page without commenting. I think I should be a bit more active rather than just (very slowly) making sigs.

2. Guides: I have a very small feeling that everyone will qq about my bronze scrub guides (hue. ad katarina es op guise sursly), but I think I want to at least try to participate in the new s4 guide competition, and also there are no very good Yorick guides that are updated for s4 yet :) I'm hoping to start playing Yorick a lot more after a very long break from him.

3. Elo Climb: I just got into poop land (bronze) II, and lost 5 games in a row at 0lp without getting demoted, so I'm kind of scared to keep playing, but I hope to start at least after resets, if not before. Trying to get to high silverish possibly low gold by the end of S4. Wish me luck!

Those are the main things I want to do in regards to MobaFire. Thanks to all the nice people who helped me get to this point in Moba :D (Jhoi, OTG, Janitsu, Meiyjhe, MissMaw, Minho, Veng, DevDevil and many more :3)