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Hogopogo's Mobafire Blog - Tag: guide

07 Aug
Hey guys, as most of you may NOT know, I have archived my Yorick guide. I have simply stopped playing him and I don't particularly have much interest in him anymore. The reason for me to make a Yorick guide was because I thought Yorick could really use a guide here. I still feel that way. Yorick players, please post something, we need a good guide for Yorick.

As for restarts, I am in the process of re-opening my signature shop. NOTICE: I say that I am in the process, meaning please do not start requesting now. I'll keep you guys posted on when it'll be back.
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11 Apr

Views: 720 guide

I'm so happy :D

My yorick guide just became #1 (though its only decent) because of the new-patch :D

Finished all the requests in my shop (for now)

happy :D

you guys can just ignore this.
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