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24 Sep

Today, I'm telling you a story, a story about how I actually found "myself" in the game, as a champion.

My first encounter with Shyvana happened when I was still a newbie, as I was playing my first main, Lux, and was having a nice time sniping people from afar.

Fact is, I barely have any memory of the first time I saw her, I was facing a Morgana mid, and just when I was about to combo her, I heard a terrifying roar, as a wild, primal fear took control of my senses, telling me that I really didn't wanna be there, thought that was too late, as the dragon...
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21 Sep

Today, I'm gonna talk about Elo Hell, or the "supposed" one as there is none.

Actually, Elo Hell is nothing more than a mindset, an illusion we fool ourselves beliving so as to preserve our self esteem and keep on believing that we are "better" than the numbers says, projecting the failure onto other players.

I personally had this mindset since three months ago, where I fell from my ~1300 elo to the 800-900 Elo area, I was blinding myself into believing that I was always the "best" on my team, tough now that I look at the replays from that time,...
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