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IPodPulse's Mobafire Blog

27 Aug

Views: 2573 IPod's PBE Center

Hey guys, recently I was accepted for this pbe cycle, so I thought it would be cool to make a blog which I will update with things that I find to be interesting. If there is anything you want me to check out just comment.

August 26-27

Guardian of the Sands Kha'Zix

RP unknown

Looks like Kha'zix finally got a new skin! It's appears to be buggy (PUNS OF DAMAGE!1!!1) atm. Will update when available.

New Akali Splash Art

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17 Mar

Views: 1052 Name Change

Alright So I plan on changing my name on league. I currently have the name XlThunderzlX but plan on changing it. Any suggestions or names you thought are cool. I'm thinking RitoIPodPulse :P, but that's pretty stupid.
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26 Jan
Over the last month I have been playing Tryndamere and realised that I wam terrible with him now. It's as if everything I knew and loved about him vanished. So until I am able to find my love for Tryndamere my guide will be archived.
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13 Jan

Views: 1415 Question about MobaFire

Hello everyone reading this, I have been with the Mobafire community for a couple of months now and I want to find a way to perhaps let the community know who i am. So I want to ask a question. Can someone please tell me what the "inhouses" are? I understand a lot of you communicate through the fields and justice and I would really enjoy to be able to take part of this. Also while we are on the topic about the inhouses, how do I part take in them?

Thanks to whoever answers my question.
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23 Dec

Views: 821 So I got demoted... again

Lost yet another game again, this time a feeding jungler who blamed me yet again. Because of this I'm now in bronze 3 from bronze 1. I truly wonder if I will ever get to silver
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