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Summoner Info

Iscah (Unverified)
Soraka, Galio, Sivir
Support, Ranged DPS, Caster DPS


Helllooo (: I'm Iscah, pronounced eiz-kah. I also go by Beckah (pronounced like it's spelled), which is my Summoner's name on the EUW. I joined LoL on July 18, 2012. Even though I haven't been playing long, I've already bought Soraka and Ashe on the NA server, and Sivir on the EUW server. Mostly, my sister, ToriBearr, and I play together and defeat Bots so that we can get more practice when we play PvP games.

My real name is Becky, but I'd prefer if I were called Iscah or Beckah. I am a PROUD Canadian. The true north, strong and free! I'm only 13, but I play all the games - Halo, COD, LoL, Diablo, and many others. I also have many hobbies, like drawing, singing, gardening (actual gardening - FarmVille sucks), and most of all, drumming. I am currently married to my drumset, since we just love each other so much. He didn't buy me a ring, since he's been taking days off of his job, but I'll get my diamond soon.

If you haven't already figured it out yet, I'm completely random. I try not to be, but it's a curse. My friends turned me random, and I curse them for it.