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I have been slaving away at work like mad. For those of you who don't know, I'm currently employed in before and after school care (primary); it pretty much entails being hit by flying basketballs, running around to investigate dobbing children and their stories, painting masterpieces, organising obstacle courses for Happy Heart Hour and ensuring there's enough rubbish littered around the place for the kids to pick up "Three for the Sea".

> In short, it's exhausting, fun, sometimes emotional, hard work. My shifts sometimes start at 7am (which means I have to leave home at 6am, due to peak hour traffic) and go to around 3pm, or I start at 9am and finish at 6pm during vacation care days. As you can imagine, that leaves little time for ANYTHING, let alone keeping up to date with MobaFire.

> But wait! There's more! I also have my last teaching prac (supervised teaching of high school classes), followed immediately by my internship (teaching high school classes with no supervision whatsoever). These are my last objectives to complete before I am eligible for my Bachelors of Secondary Education (Science and English) degree! Woo! Graduation! This unpaid 2 month working experience at a high socio-economic college starts on January 28th and ends March 28th. During this time period of dealing with adolescent students who don't want to be at school, I pretty much will be living and breathing assignments, class planning and activity creating.

> But waaaaaaait! I'm still not done! Before my internship finishes, I'll have to complete my Professional Teaching Portfolio, filled with all sorts of things that highlight my teaching philosophies, methodologies and previous achievements, including a very detailed Curricula Vitae (Resume) that lists every possible working-with-children job/experience I've undertaken (HEAPS!). There also needs to be a page dedicated to each Teaching Standard (there's 10), and how I've applied each standard to my own methods of teaching. Not only that! But I also have to approach my supervisors and ask them to fill out a special assessment form for me; hopefully I'll get some great feedback and they'll recommend me for a job! Suffice to say, it's a tonne of work, and it's going to be a challenge to make. When it's done, I'll probably upload it here, eventually, if anyone's curious :3

> Aaaaand one more thing... To become a teacher in Australia you have to fill out more than 5 forms longer than 10 pages each, all asking pretty much the same questions (imagine you had to apply for one job with the same sort of online questionnaire, but more than 5 times! AND with slightly different questions, so you couldn't just copy+paste!). And all supporting documentation (every single page!) needs to be signed by a Justice of the Peace to show that no, I haven't lied about my criminal activity, and yes, I've actually attended university these past 5 years, and mmmhmmm, I have indeed worked in childcare!

In other words... I am HELLA busy for the next few months. I'll try to log on MobaFire when I can, to respond to my various running threads and participate in the forums and answer PMs, but if you notice I haven't replied to a question you've asked me, or my guides are getting stale, it's because of the above reasons.

First half of the year will dictate the rest of my life, so I'm taking it pretty seriously :P Love to you all, and wish me luck! I'm gonna need it ^^ Ta ta for now, but not forever!

<3 jhoijhoi