hi! To help get your guide ready for the S12 Guide Contest, I am offering my (free of charge) services. Fill in the template below if you'd like to get your hands on some guide graphics, then post it in a comment here or in a private message. There are no requirements other than that you intend to publish the guide and that you will credit me somewhere in the guide at the bottom!

One large banner (~800x350) (with or without text)
One small banner (~800x150) for each chapter
One line divider


Which Champion and Skin?: you don't have to link any splash arts
Main colour scheme: either one or two main colours you want
Font: you can find them on dafont
Names of guide chapters: if you want the big banner to have the guide's title on it, also tell me what the title of your guide is


If you're not sure about any of the things from the template, such as what the best font or colour scheme is, or even which skin you'd like to use, let me know and I'll choose those things for you!