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Joxuu's Mobafire Blog

09 Apr
Yo. Didn't intend to write this publicly but I figured I might as well. Strategy blog about positioning when your team is behind or against a powerplay such as elder dragon or baron. Harder to apply in soloQ but pings exist and these mistakes happen more commonly in soloQ but also awfully often in premade flex games.

This mostly applies when your team has no control over the map anymore. The enemy team has the initiative to make something happen. Often means being thousands of gold behind in the game, enemy team having early-mid game comp against late game team or enemy team having baron...
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01 Nov
Hello friends, another strategy blog.

Have you ever wondered how the enemy jungler gets ahead in levels even though you are basically doing the same thing as he is? (Ganking... farming... doing objectives...)

As a jungler it's not too unusual to fall behind the enemy laners in levels during the early game but you should be able to keep up around the same level in mid game and forward. You are doing something wrong if you fall 2-3 levels behind of average levels of mid/top laner or enemy jungler unless they are stomping the game.

The top 3 reasons why you may fall behind are: Bad...
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24 Sep
Soup. A blog about jungler's thought process that goes out to laners too as understanding how a jungler thinks helps you out in lane.

I will use this game as a reference.

Going into the game, both junglers are probably thinking the same thing: top lane is a big factor for the game. Top laners should expect first gank or at least the possibility of a gank happening to top lane. Fastest ganks happen around 3:15 and later ones around 3:45 (knowing where the jungler started helps a lot when predicting first...
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10 Aug
Hello again. (Skip intro if you're just interested in jungle routes). This blog was originally supposed to be part of the jungle tips and tricks but I would have needed to change the format completly so I decided to create a completly new blog.

Jungle routes are really important to not fall behind in levels or gold, especially early on. The first clear can set you really far behind or really far ahead in some cases. Planning your first clear ahead is a good way to be 1 step ahead of the enemy jungler which will turn into free ganks or jungle camp advantages.

I have talked about jungle...
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07 Aug
Hello friends. Diamond 2 jungle main here.

Here are some tips and tricks that will hopefully win you games or improve your gameplay in the jungle. It's very rare that I see a jungler do these at any elo. Early points are like 1 big combination, just a small note.

1. Start from the opposite side of red buff if you're playing a jungler that benefits from it. You don't want to spend red buff to clear jungle camps with it. You want to have red buff when you're going to go gank lanes. Red buff should be your last or one of the last camps if you're focusing on ganking. This does not apply...
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