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Hiatuses are nice.

I am lurking.

That is all.

Current Champion Interests:

Fiddlesticks, Miss Fortune

~ ~ ~

Heimerdinger is my favorite LoL champion.

I think his model is just adorably creative, and hilarious to play.

I love his trench warfare style of play. His capacity to keep enemies at bay without putting himself in danger is perfect for my personality.

My feelings about his viability are mixed as he's not the strongest champ, but I don't have to fight against him very often.

~ ~ ~


Mastery Point: Wealth
Summoner Spell: Teleport

Utility Ability: Drinkie drink~
Defense Ability: 'BYE BYE' shield!
Attack Ability: Pro Poison Bending! Expunge
Ultimate Ability: Always watching...

~ ~ ~

I received Veteran status on July 18, 2011

It came as quite a surprise, as I had no thoughts about becoming a veteran, oddly enough.

Though it is unavoidable to let then green username affect your judgment, please try treat me like any other user. We'll see how things go...