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Fiddlesticks, Wukong, Nautilus
Mage, Fighter, Tank


Hi guys, KajiOkami here.

I know it says Kaji***ihoAkukei here, but the site doesn't really support name changes! :D

But to keep it simple let's start over with somthing easier...

Hi guys, Kaji here!

So here's a little more about me. I am an accountant by day and a League of Legends enthusiast by night, or by day if I am not working! ;)

I started writing guides because I really like it and I want to help other players the way all the other guide writers helped me when I first started playing league!

Apart from League, I am also into fantasy, reading and I love listening to music. :)

If you like my guides, feel free to follow me on Twitch, Twitter or Youtube.
The links can be found in all my guides!
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