Been a while since I've been able to do some ranked games due to all kinds of computer related issues, but now that's finally all resolved, the climb is back on.

Top: Jarvan IV vs Riven
Middle: Akali vs Kassadin
Bottom: Graves and Taric vs Ashe and Lux
Jungle: Lee Sin vs Udyr


So this game was just another one of the old 20 minute stomps. Nothing special really.

It started out well for us as we invaded their blue, caught Lux and blew her up instantly, giving first blood to Akali.
Being ahead from the start, our bottom lane was pretty easy, getting a double kill as soon as me and Taric hit level 2.

Akali used her early advantage to snowball mid and help out top, which pretty much snowballed the entire game.

The game was just a huge mess with everyone randomly running around killing stuff and the enemy desperately waiting for the 20 minute mark.

Pretty boring game overall but it got me gold back which is what matters.

Next stop... platinum?

WIN-LOSS: 104-85