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Khazem's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Array

13 Feb

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As some of you may have noticed, I've decided to archive all of my remaining guides as I'm simply too lazy to keep them up to date. Specifically in the case of my Diana guide I just didn't play the champion anymore so I'm not really the right guy to have the top rated guide for her.
If any of you still have any questions about Elise (or any other top lane related questions) feel free to add me in game. I might just start some kind of mentoring thing instead, who knows.
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01 Jun

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Been a while since I've been able to do some ranked games due to all kinds of computer related issues, but now that's finally all resolved, the climb is back on.

Top: Jarvan IV vs Riven
Middle: Akali vs Kassadin
Bottom: Graves and Taric vs Ashe and Lux
Jungle: Lee Sin vs Udyr


So this game was just another one of the old 20 minute stomps. Nothing special really.

It started out well for us as we...
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