Continueing my blog with my first ranked team games.

Game 1


Top: Shyvana vs Irelia
Middle: Cassiopeia vs Master Yi
Bottom: Ahri and Sona vs Ashe and Alistar
Jungle: Lee Sin vs Trundle


Pretty one-sided game. Started out very passively due to our Sona not being able to connect for the first two minutes. No level one fights or invasions from either teams.

First blood happened about 8 minutes in the game as Lee Sin went into the enemy jungle to steal the wraiths but got caught by Trundle and Master Yi. Cassiopeia and me immediately reacted, making it a 2v3 in our favor. I picked up the first blood and Lee Sin got the second kill and double buff off of Trundle.

Shortly after, Ashe died to Ahri and Sona in bottom lane as the Alistar went back to buy. We used these kills to pick up an easy first dragon of the game. From there, bottom lane was very much in our control (AD Ahri OP).

The enemy team picked up their first kills with Master Yi going bottom lane, getting a double kill but Lee Sin and Cassiopeia managed to push down mid to get the first turret of the game. Mid lane at this point, was also very much in our advantage as Master Yi was pretty far behind on farm.

At top lane I was pushing around their Irelia with ease, being ahead in farm, kills, assists, levels and global gold. I was able to zone Irelia for quite some time and slowly take down the turret as the enemy team kept attempting to gank me with both Master Yi and Trundle, though with no success.

The game was pretty much decided when Trundle went for a gank bottom lane. I teleported right in the middle of the fight while Cassiopeia also made her way bottom. We got 3 free kills and another dragon, giving us a huge advantage.
We got into another fight mid, killing 4 for none and a bit later, as the game hit the 20 minute mark, the enemy team surrendered.

Game 2


Top: Kennen vs Irelia
Middle: Morgana vs Cassiopeia
Bottom: Sivir and Sona vs Caitlyn and Janna
Jungle: Amumu vs Warwick


Another one-sided stomp. Like the last game, our Sona has trouble connecting at the start so there was no level 1 action at all.

First blood happened bottom lane with a nice Amumu gank, killing both Caitlyn and Janna without losing anything. Warwick tried to come down to save them but almost ended up dying as well.

Top lane I was zoning Irelia and harassing her heavily. Shortly after the first blood, I decided to dive Irelia for an easy kill, but couldn't get away with it as she managed to get a stun off right before the last ignite tick killed her.

Mid lane was pretty much a farm-off at this point, with a slight advantage to Cassiopeia. Though after another nice Amumu gank, Morgana got a kill on Cassiopeia and was pretty much set for this lane.

Up top, Amumu managed to get another easy kill as he caught her in an ultimate, causing Irelia to explode. At this point I had more than twice her farm and was 3 levels ahead.
Not long after, as Amumu recalled, both Cassiopeia and Warwick flashed into the lane to gank me. Using my ultimate and already having Will of the Ancients, I managed to kill them both, barely dying to Cassiopeia DoTs.

Meanwhile bottom lane was snowballing as well, getting a few kills here and there, a free tower and 2 free dragons over the course of 15 minutes.

We had one teamfight in the game where Morgana landed a very nice Dark Binding on Cassiopeia, allowing Amumu to initiate as we all flashed in and managed to land all of our ultimates in a giant cluster**** of death. We instantly aced them, picked up Baron, 2 towers and an inhibitor as the game reached the 20 minute mark and the enemy team surrendered.