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06 Dec
I haven't really been able to play much, largely because of studies and a resurgence of other games (DotA, SC2). Since S3 came out, I have no time to even play LoL, nor update my guides.

I don't mind letting my guide expire - in fact, I might just archive it. However, if anyone is interested, I'll give you either of my guides so you can continue updating. In the end, it won't matter for. So if anyone is interested..

- Update it.
- Somewhere, just cite me as the original owner - you can completely remake the guide, I could care less.

The reason I'm inquiring is because I believe...
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08 Nov

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School is exhausting. 4 hours of sleep more or less a hour or so daily.

Haven't been able to league much, my main computer is broken and I'm using an old one. Haven't scrim'ed in forever, looking forward to S3.

I've also been lacking on my guide updates.

I really stopped playing Alistar, and with S3 changes, will not play him for a long time seriously. I'll let that guide slowly expire.

I've been playing a lot less Olaf lately, and a lot more other champions. I've gone back to my Jax roots, as well as playing Nidalee, Cho, and Rengar when I can.

I also am testing out a...
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29 Oct

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In case anyone feels like winning their ranked and normal games and abusing a hidden OP, play some gangplank mid.

Get a tiamat, and enjoy your free win.

How does this work?

Well, good question. Scarra and Orb Nien both approved it, with Orb Nien suddenly surprising people at TSM Tourneys with it. Scarra played some GP Mid in solo queue and smashed.

The splash procs every Parrrley gold effect, hence if you kill 4 minions clumped up with 1 shot, you get 4x the gold bonus. If done properly, you get roughly 1k gold at 28 minutes (tested by me and others). This is roughly 2+ GP10's...
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22 Oct
My guides aren't 'outdated', but I've learned much more and improved much more so I'll update them eventually and get to my top lane match ups (ugh, school).

When I do play, I've been mastering Nidalee and Poppy. I got invited to a decent team playing for go4lol, but due to my hectic schedule, I may have to decline it or play as sub/practice partner. :( Disappointment.

Started a guide on solomid while back, still in progress. Who knew junior year would actually be busy? (sarcasm).

As for the supporters on my guides, thanks! I look back occasionally and respond to all PM's asap,...
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23 Sep
I've been busy on top of busy. But still played a game or two. Internet has been unfavorable, hence the lag. I've been trying to get my smurf up, I lag too hard though. Managed to get in a few games last night, won all of them.

I'm also excited for S2 finals as well as IPL 5. SC2 and LoL. ^^

There are no J4 guides on this site, and all of them are really bad. Even if it is Mobafire, the top couple guides should be at least accurate or caught up. I might just write a guide about J4, especially since I've only been playing Nidalee or Jarvan top, and support Nunu/ADC Corki bot. I tend...
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