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Hmm, okay going to wing it here. Hell, I'll half *** half ***ing it. . .

I am a very fun loving individual and I have been playing games for as long as I can remember, primarily under one purpose, to have fun. Now, I am in no way a total scrub at games, I'm normally pretty excellent with minimal practice (Did I mention I'm also arrogant?) Although you'll notice at times it seems like I am two completely different people who have lots of contradictions to each other if that's how you wish to interpret it. To further explain, at times I will be the one to be cracking all the jokes and making stupid remarks in effort to troll people, you'll primarily see this when I'm in a game where hope of winning is very slim.

Now on the other side of that coin, I can be a complete elitist at times and probably one of the most insensitive pricks alive (in the middle of a public forum debate round we were talking about cyberbullying in December of 2010 whether it should be a criminal offense or not, and my opponents were saying it should be a criminal offense and I went up there for Final Focus (End of the round, where you want to REALLY make a statement to win.) and said "Cyberbullying shouldn't be a criminal offense because some people commit suicide, they rolled the dice when they sat at their keyboard and as far as I see it and honestly care, if they're killing themselves, they weren't meant to make it further in life." Now giving that made my partner give me a look of "I am going to ****ING KILL YOU!!!" Now that comment was made knowing we couldn't win, too many mistakes were made so I just decided to be an *** of myself. /grin

Now back to gaming, I never took games completely seriously in terms of competition at high levels until arena in WoW when I was about 13, even then I just clicked (Yes, I clicked!) and keyboard turned and sat at 1600 rating thinking that was good because I was having fun. Now see, I can also have sympathy for players who aren't as. . . progressed as I am in the game, in WoW, I've been as low at 1400 and as high at 2500 in Season 3 (Vengeful Season) so I can definitely see from both sides of the spectrum and I know pretty well how it feels to be the one nobody wants on a DotA team. And I personally hated DotA for any and all reasons for a very long time, people were pricks, people took the game too seriously, I couldn't understand the concept of why people got so worked up because I was just wanting to have fun, the list goes on.

Staying away from DotA on WC3, I stuck to my DBZ Tributes, Angel Arenas, or any arena for that matter and some RPGs out there, I later began to play the remakes of DotA as far as Naruto vs Bleach or Third Shinobi Wars but even then, it was just to have fun. Now how I got really into DOTA and League of Legends was thanks to a friend who I met on a private server, along with a few other friends, and the one that told me to play actually has a guide on here, I advise anyone check it out. So I personally would like to thank Eastwoodlul, Bleedyus, Reuva and Dasscout for getting me to download this game and have fun with it.

Now if anyone actually read that, congrats and I have advice:
"Play the game to have fun, the people who win are the ones who smile while playing or make others laugh so it's a fun game, not the ones who destroy the Nexus."

"Find friends and stick with those friends in this game, they'll really keep you going at it and make the game worthwhile, I play this game casually and KingIceFire, 1nf3ct10n3, and Eagnai keep me playing whenever they catch me on Skype."

"Never take the game too seriously, it diminishes the fun value and without fun, it's not a hobby, it's a job, one that very people get paid at."