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Username: Kurt Ottman
Age: 17
Occupation: Boarding School
Nationality: Norwegian
Languages: Fluent Norwegian and English, and a bit French and Japanese (not very much :P)

I have a particular love for poems and chicken nuggets, and I love reading and writing on forums like MOBAfire. I have two accounts; one on Europe West server, which is my main, and one on North-East server, which is Kurt Ottman. I currently work on getting Kurt Ottman to level 30.

People tend to say I'm a bit old for my age, and that may be true, since I'm the only kid in my family (my mother died when I was young). I like to debate with my friends, and it can get really heated sometimes, but we're always still friends, because they like that too.

As I've already mentioned I live on a boarding school, which means my internet goes off at 11:30PM GMT+2 every night except weekends (friday, saturday). For those who wants to know, I study Sales and Service, so I intend to work in a company when I'm done studying, most likely related to gaming, since I think it has great educational purposes for the future, and is important to develop.

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