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Rammus, Ryze, Renekton
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Howdy, I'm just an average LoL player with average skill. If anyone cares, my name is kuwumba on LoL. I don't know the exact date I joined League of Legends, but I do know that I joined when Varus was the new champion.
My top 3 favorite champions are Rammus Ryze, and Renekton, and i'm quite good with em' too i guess. I also like to play champions that are pretty unpopular, like Trundle, and because the unpopular champions just seem to be my favorites. When I buy champions, I mainly buy them for looks and coolness, rather than strength and popularity, like those punks you see all the time that get Teemo and Ashe.
I play league of legends everyday, at least 1-3 rounds a day to try and better. I've never made a guide here on Mobafire, but i don't really intend on making one any time soon. I'm usually nice to my team when I play LoL, UNLESS someone provokes me or starts an argument, than I just troll them the whole game until they quit or just give up or something. Well,my main reason for being on this nice website is to just learn strategies with my champions and get better.
Well that's it, thanks for readin' dis' here' biography of mine =D