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Summoner Info

xKyukon (Unverified)
Ahri, Vayne, Thresh
Mage, Marksman, Support


Heya. I'm new here, so it is highly unlikely anyone is reading this right now. In the case that someone is reading this, HAI. My summoner name is xKyukon, which is the Pokemon "Ninetails" in Japanese. Despite the name being in Japanese, I thought it was cool that I could still represent my favorite champion, Ahri, through my summoner name.

I've started playing League of Legends around April/May of 2013 and still loving it today. When I hit level 30, I played some ranked games and got into Silver 4, which I thought wasn't too shabby since I've only been playing for three months then. As soon as season 4 hit, I was pumped to earn silver ranking again. However, due to my friend (whom I love dearly) going on tilt in our duo queue, I only won about 3 of 10 ranked matches and experienced a massive ELO drop as well as being placed into bronze 4. Because she went on tilt during the matches, it caused our teammates to preform poorly (they still sucked regardless). Typical right? Blame other players. I admit that I've made some bad plays, but you have to consider that I the only sane person left on the team with a clear goal of taking objectives and winning the game. I still had the will to not rage and focus on winning while my team constantly refuses to cooperate. So, just because my ranking is bronze and sites like lolking say my scores are low, that doesn't mean I'm not good. I'm still in the midst of climbing out of the rage-induced, kill-oriented, and immature bronze league which I don't deserve to be in. My current goal is to reach gold by the end of season 4. May the Riot gods rain fortune on my future matches.