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16 Dec

Views: 1100 I just left a game

I just left a game. I couldnt take anymore those harrasser and the complainers. Seriously.

I don't use to leave or to afk games and basically i report every player that keeps the behaviour (even if he's on the enemy team and he gave me a win), i just couldnt play another game with this people.

I was Fizz jungle and the enemy Trundle stolen my red. Of course my support didnt had Clairvoyance up becaused he spammed it on the bushes (in order to avoid gettin those expensive Sight Ward) and my jungle had been slown a lil bit (2 or 3 camps to be fine).
After getting 4 i...
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15 Dec
As i wrote in my previous blog, i play and follow the SC2 pro scene on YouTube. Many casters made money out of the professionals events happening all over the world and they actually ganed an impressive popularity on the internet.

One of the most notable initiative they took is named "Barcraft": it basically consists in follow an eSports in a bar, in the tv, like usually normal sports are broadcasted. I tought it was an HUGE revolution for the gaming community and for the fans and it can actually give at the professional scene a very high popularity outside the normal borders....
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14 Dec
just took home my new Razer keyboard and i can't believe how comfortable it is actually. I used to play with random mouse and key about 2 or 3 months ago. Then i discovered the Abyssus in my shopping mall and i decide to try it out (since i was playin SC2 and i saw many pro players using high level stuff in order to improve APS and stuff like that). Since i felt great with my new gear i decided to go on the key too and i fell very comfortable with this too.

Tho i'm not 100% sure this stuff is what you need in order to get better at games, i still think this items are very ver very (i...
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13 Dec

Views: 2336 New Jungle Guide?

Did any of the major junglers ever release an updated jungle guide? I loved the 101 jungle guide but yet the autor is still waiting for other uptades :(
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13 Dec
I had my last ranked game about 1 week ago. Before the Volibear patch, i used to play ranked games very often, on the solo/duo queue with a friend of mine.
Since my main pick pre-patch was Udyr jungler, i didnt feel confident enough with the new jungle to get into ranked games so early on. Actually the only game i played after the recent changes was with a jungle Lee Sin (something i had the chance to test very very much these days) and it worked.

The friends i mentioned before tho had another idea. Since they dont jungle AT ALL (or even better, they didnt use to jungle at...
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