Hi friends. Apparantly this is what all the cool kids do so yah. Today is roughly three years since I began playing League and using Mobafire and I also just won the best ADC guide prize in the guide competition (which I'm pretty damn happy about), so I thought I'd post some boring *** life story stuff. Feel free to completely ignore this if you don't care about that kind of thing.


I won't go into too much detail about my life outside League, but suffice it to say that it hasn't really been too amazing. I've always had problems with interacting with others and although I did have a small group of friends at school, I never really appreciated them and took them for granted a great deal. I was a huge nerd who got picked on quite a bit and I could probably count the number of conversations I had with girls on the digits of a single hand. Ultimately, due to one particular girl combined with a lot of self-esteem and social anxiety issues I ended up spiralling into depression, driving away all my friends and skipping school a huge amount until I left at the age of 16. Since that time I've only really left the house when it was absolutely necessary, and I am now 21.

Anyways, after playing mostly console games for years I discovered League when I found this video while looking through a Youtube channel I'd found looking for Minecraft videos (ironically enough I can't stand playing Minecraft). I think the guy was playing Shen 1v2 against a Ryze and something else in top lane and somehow winning, on the old halloween map. I remember thinking the game looked a bit ****py, but when I googled it I noticed it was free and figured it couldn't hurt to try out if only to waste a bit of time. Since I've always been interested in figuring out the best way to play games I began looking at tier lists and guides before the download was even finished and wrote down a bunch of notes by hand. I still have them and they're pretty hillariously bad to look back through now. I figure that must have also been the first time I visited Mobafire.

When I began playing it was about two days before Maokai was released and the game was quite a bit different to today. AD carries generally went mid and pretty much the only viable ADCs were Ashe and Corki. Shen was free and inspired by the video I watched I began playing him. My first champions were Janna because I'd watched this video and believed everything it said unquestioningly, Shen, and Annie followed by Ashe, Lux and Karthus (when he was 6300 IP). I would play Shen 90% of the time in any role or position. I loved the game and played it non-stop, and after realizing that <10 FPS wasn't going to cut it I purchased a new laptop with the sole purpose of allowing me to play LoL.

I realized pretty quickly though that the game would be more fun with others and turned to the LFG section of the official forums where I found my first friends. We played most of the way to 30 together but they both ended up quitting after a few months due to thinking new champion releases were overpowered ( Rumble) and that the community was terrible (pretty true). After this I noticed Mobafire had a forum and lurked around for a while without making an account or adding anyone before noticing a mod post talking about an ingame chatroom.

The first few times I gathered up the courage to join the chatroom I was too scared to say anything and left almost immediately, afraid that I'd get shunned by all the experienced players who seemed like gods to me. One day though, someone was looking for another player and I somehow ended up talking to them. This would be the first of many games I'd play with Wintermond, Xenasis, PotatisFarfar and Yuki. Eventually right after the EU server split was announced I finally made a Mobafire account and my first post was a giant complaint thread about it, since I didn't want to be seperated from my EUNE friends. After a few months like this I found a champion named Caitlyn that I really liked and ended up playing a lot. So much in fact that I decided to make a really ****py guide about her.

My original friends began to depart League for DotA in late 2011, but one evening in chat I entered into conversation with two gentlemen by the name of Wayne3100 and TheGrandMasterD. At the time I was maining Udyr top and this resulted in several manly 1v1 duels to decide whether Udyr was better than Renekton in lane. We also won a 4v5 game which pretty much cemented us as friends, which we still are today. Wayne is one of the nicest, most cool and funny people I've ever known and Nick is umm...Nick. Shortly afterward we began talking to Khazem, who was also frequenting the Mobafire chat, and we began to play together a bunch and become good friends. Although he can have problems with getting mad, Khazem is probably the most hillarious person in the universe as well as being really knowledgeable about the game.

In around February 2012 MissMaw showed up on EUW. We would all talk for hours and hours late into the night in the ingame chatroom and she rounded out our original group of friends. When I first began talking with her on skype it was by far the easiest conversation I'd ever had; she was incredibly easy to talk to and made me laugh all the time - I probably have more Skype messages with her over the years than anyone else I know. I was happy to show her some cool games and I really enjoyed playing them together, hopefully we can do it again sometime. Also it doesn't hurt that she's a cute little son'*****.

jesus this is getting way too long help

In around the middle of 2012 Mowen showed up on EUW and began playing with us regularly for reasons I can't quite remember - probably something to do with inhouses starting. Mowen is almost certainly the kindest person I've ever met. No matter how much **** I put her through she's put up with it and always tried to help me out. It was thanks to Mowen that I was ever able to play ranked and get to gold in season 2 and I'll never forget how much I enjoyed duo queueing together. I'll really miss playing with you buddy. This was also the same time that our awesome group Skype call was formed that still exists today.

There's probably still much more I could say but this is way too long already and I've been typing for at least two hours. I'm not really sure what the point of all this was, but I just wanted everyone, particularly the people I've mentioned, to know how grateful I am for the friendship you've shown me. Before this, I had nothing and nobody and now I have a whole bunch of awesome friends and stuff. If I ever act like a selfish ******* it's (usually) only because I'm afraid of losing you.


Soooo anyway I was wondering if there's anything in particular you guys think I should do. I don't really know what my goals are right now but apparantly I'm pretty good at writing stuff. I'd really like to get platinum but I doubt I'll have the willpower to play solo queue due to anxiety and not enjoying the game much outside of premades, and I'd also really like my tem to work out well.

Anyway cya later ****lords.