Because people totally care about my opinion.

Lightslinger - This is a pretty dang good passive. It's quite similar to Caitlyn's but you can trigger it whenever you want and repeatedly. Q + AA is enough to win trades with a lot of AD carries.

Piercing Light - It's kind of awkward to use and it feels like it should be a skillshot, but it actually is more similar to Miss Fortune's Double Up. The scaling is good but it costs a ton of mana and it's really irritating when people are able to dodge it without even trying. Only being able to cast it while in autoattack range even though it hits so much further is just...weird.

Ardent Blaze - This is the only unconditional long range ability Lucian has. The movement speed comes in fairly useful when chasing/fleeing and surprisingly the damage on this is actually quite decent once you put points into it and have some AD.

Relentless Pursuit - Not too much to say, it's basically Graves' Quickdraw with a slow removal and possible resets instead of AS.

The Culling - God dammit I really wanted to like this but it seems so useless. It's incredibly easy to dodge most of the damage from this via simply sidestepping and it's also shut down very easily with any CC (even knockbacks cancel it) or Exhaust. Even when it does hit solidly the damage seems very lacklustre, to the point where I feel you're honestly better off autoattacking most of the time. The only really good thing about this is how huge the range is.

Overall I feel like he's a strong early/mid game AD with pretty good trading and all-in potential in lane, but his lack of any steroid is going to hurt his DPS later in the game. His mana costs are also really high right now which kinda hurts if you're trying to keep up the pressure or you're forced to farm with abilities. I think he's definitely decent and a big improvement on Quinn but probably nothing like top tier. I could be completely wrong of course.

I'm a little uncertain whether the change from a slow to movement buff is a buff or a nerf. It opens up a whole bunch of new possibilities, like using minion kills to give yourself the large 60 ms boost for chasing someone down or running away and it's in general good for your kiting as an AD carry. However, it's no longer so easy to use this as a bully item where you get a lucky proc and beat the **** out of your lane opponent while they can't run (which is probably a good thing because it sucked to play against).

The damage buff though is definitely awesome, triforce procs now really really hurt, particularly when it's completed early. I feel this change is a huge buff to Corki and may possibly make triforce Ezreal a 'thing' again. I'm not sure yet if it will replace blue build since it lacks the insane spammability and permaslow utility, but it's definitely a much more competitive option now.