Hi friends.

So let's imagine one day a young lad named Jimmy comes across this wonderful website called Mobafire and decides to use all of his years of experience to make a guide. He puts in days of effort writing up paragraphs, making cool pictures and adding in pretty coding. When the time comes to make his guide public, Jimmy is overjoyed with what he's created and ready to hear all the wonderful responses to his work.

In the first several days, Jimmy receives a bunch of upvotes from both his friends and random commenters liking his guide and offering the odd small suggestion. He happily responds to these people thanking them for their support and is satisfied as his guide's percentage steadily climbs. Good job Jimmy!

That night, Jimmy sleeps uneasily, visions of horror and destruction haunting his dreams.

The following day, Jimmy eagerly turns on his computer and decides to check on how his guide is progressing - to his horror, his guide rating has dropped considerably! Rushing to the comments section to discover what could have happened, he finds a comment from a user named "MissVynJanBardAstro3000" telling him that his guide is really bad and offering several paragraphs of text to explain why. Jimmy is understandably rustled by this development. After putting in so much effort, how dare this person show up to insult his work and ruin his guide score?

At this point in the story there are a number of options for what follows:

Option # 1: Upon further examination, Jimmy realizes that MissVynJanBardAstro3000 have valid points and concedes to their criticism, changing his guide to meet their expectations. Everyone is happy, and Jimmy gets to live out his Mobafire life in peace and joy.

Option # 2: Jimmy refuses to accept the points raised by MissVynJanBardAstro3000, but does not allow his temper to get the better of him. He argues his case valiantly, using logic and experience to address his critics. At this point either MissVynJanBardAstro3000 will accept that Jimmy is in the right and change their vote, or not - either way, Jimmy has retained his dignity and gained a measure of respect from members of the community.

But those aren't the options little Jimmy chooses. Unable to overcome his anger at being slighted and unable to respond in a logical manner, Jimmy chooses...

Option # 3: Jimmy takes the criticism personally. He put so much effort into his guide only to have some ******* show up and call him bad, and he's not going to take that lying down. He responds to the criticism by insulting MissVynJanBardAstro3000 and ignoring their points, only insisting that he is diamond and she is trash, or that she "hasn't even tried it". For good measure, he also has his friends do the same. Following this, Jimmy notices a sudden rush of people showing up on his guide supporting MissVynJanBardAstro3000 and his guide percentage begins to plummet.

"Why is this happening to me?" he asks himself in fury. Perhaps people were seeing his spam of angry posts and the disappointed responses from MissVynJanBardAstro3000 appearing on the comment list on the front page of the website and taking an interest? No; that couldn't possibly be the answer. Suddenly it dawned upon young Jimmy - it was all a conspiracy! All these members downvoting and criticizing his guide had shiny names and high post counts. The only possible explanation for what was happening was that they were all friends in some secret club and had decided to gang up on our young Jimbob.

Enraged by his epiphany, Jimmy snaps. He begins issuing frenzied insults upon his attackers, reporting all those who disagree with him and downvoting their guides in retaliation for daring to have an opinion different to his own. In response, more and more people from the secret club begin to show up to the argument and over the next several days everything rapidly degenerates into a perfect singularity of ****, threatening to destroy the very fabric of the universe.

Legend says that it was in this moment, when all hope had faded, that the all-powerful Goddess MoWayne appeared, summoned by the desperate pleas of her last believers. Clad in shining armour of heavenly light and wielding the mighty Banhammer, MoWayne smote Jimmy down and cast him into the abyss, vowing he would never again return to the realm of Mobafire. Thus, the balance of the universe was restored and peace returned to the realm, allowing all the little Mobafireians to return happily to their normal lives.

But peace can never last forever. Some say if you browse the new guides section alone at night you can still hear Jimmy's frenzied screams of rage...

Don't be a Jimmy, folks.

im sorry for stealing the idea astrolia please dont hurt me