Welp I sure wasn't expecting another AD carry this soon. Don't worry, I have a review friends, since this is apparently a thing I do now.

Get Excited! - At first glance it might seem somewhat useless since it requires a kill or tower death to take place, but the movespeed boost is absolutely huge. Triggering this in a 2v2 duel or a teamfight gives you free reign to go as deep as you want and chase down everything or kite at lightspeed. Also if your opponents don't take it into account and hang around anywhere near a low health tower you can easily follow up with kills.

Switcheroo! - Weeeeell this might be the strongest ability I've seen in my entire life. With the minigun the permanent AS bonus is insane and makes it virtually impossible to miss cs with this champion while also giving her a lot of strength in a duel. With the rocket launcher you have incredible autoattack poke in lane, more so than even Caitlyn after a few levels. The AoE damage is not reduced, it can crit and you can literally one shot waveclear a line of three creeps with 700 range autoattacks while also being very safe at the back of teamfights. The mana cost is practically nonexistant after early levels. Stupidly good ability, will probably get nerfed.

Zap! - It's not nearly as broken as it seemed on paper, but still pretty damn good. The range, damage and slow are all really high, however it can be blocked by minions and also is rather obvious considering it has quite a long delay before firing. It becomes a good poke ability when seiging later in the game because the damage scaling is ridiculous.

Flame Chompers! - This basically fills the role of Jinx's only escape ability. It works very effectively against melee opponents or when placed in a chokepoint correctly, but it generally will do very little to gapcloser assassins. It's important to remember there's a small delay before they arm so you need to lead your target or waste the long cooldown and possibly die. One thing you can do versus assassins and the like is place them down directly on top of yourself and kite while standing on them which pretty much forces your opponent to trigger one in order to hit you. The placement range is actually very long, so they can also be used to block off the path of a fleeing opponent even if they're well outside your attack range.

Super Mega Death Rocket! - Similar to an Ezreal ult, the hitbox is about half the size but the damage is much much higher and the rocket travels at a faster speed. There's an irritating delay before the rocket fires which can make aiming difficult. Incredibly strong execute that can kill squishies from over 1/4 health and it's on a really low cooldown so it's not the end of the world if you miss.

Overall she's an incredibly strong and fun champion. Because of her Q she hyperscales while also being really strong in lane with huge range auto harass. Her only real weakness is a distinct lack of mobility unless your team is able to get kills, rendering her vulnerable to assassins and burst, but this is more than made up for by how insane everything else she has is. In my opinion she's probably the best AD carry in the game and will be nerfed hard in the future. I'm probably going to be playing her a lot more and I'm glad Riot stepped up their act after the disappointment of Quinn and Lucian.

TL;DR: op