It's been a long time and a ton of *****ing and negativity but it finally happened. Almost two months ago I was feeling very confident initially going through Gold I and into my first promos only to go from 2-1 to 2-3 and then back down to 20 LP on an 8 game loss streak. Considering that I felt I did all I could in most of those games I'd been left feeling pretty upset and demoralized all the way up until yesterday, where we destroyed lane and won 3 games in a row to get back to 100 LP. Today I played almost perfectly and went 3-0 in promos, with the last game being the only one that was even close.

I know it's not all that big of a deal anymore but I've been obsessing over getting Platinum for years now, so I feel really happy and relieved that I actually did it. Shout out to Wayne for duoing with me in almost every game and being an awesome friend. Also thanks to everyone who's ever had to put up with me during one of my "I'll never get Platinum" rants (so pretty much everyone I know). I guess I don't have to quit now. :^)

P.S. Blatantly showing off