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So my Bio, from where do I start, I love Lux, she's the purest, most innocent and probably most naive character in the whole lore, and her kit can be enjoyed by any kind of player being challanger or iron, making her a perfect champion to main, even if I kind of stopped playing her in last months, still love her character tho.
Right now I'm kind of between top and support, maining Teemo, Yuumi and anything that's nice, that including Irelia and Katarina but mainly only mid, toplaners are annoying to even see nowdays and a mental pain to deal with them unless you also pick something completly meta Y_Y

I have 3 skins from Battle Academia line, which I wouldn't say was really my favorite skin line but Katarina and Lux skins were to cute to resist, their icons too, that's how I started to play seriously Kata again after some pause, then I stopped again.

I enjoy editing videos, but I do not really publish too much, if you are interested there are my channels
basically gaming channel:
just edits :
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