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23 Aug
They are looking so cute, I did not know how useful would be to have them around, but I wanna build a farm only for their honesy and a big garden of flowers so they can play there and get their pollem.
From what I understand you can craft a nest so I will be able to do it on my survival world probably.

Bee personallity is adorable tho, just look at campfire details about them.
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10 Apr
May talk just the tilt out of me, but I seriously think top lane is no longer what it used to be in any way, and the most unhealthy lane you can play on (add some extra points if your jg never gank or follow a fight on top side and enemy jg is practically camping, but that is not the issue)

So to start it easy, when you say top lane, what is first thing that comes in your mind? May be a melee champion, a bruiser? tank? literally I bet in half of your games on top always was a ranged champion (Jayce, Kayle, Neeko, Urgot, tell me if a miss something) to begin with or Riven, which...
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06 Jul

Views: 1158 Vladimir's real face

Hello readers and be ready to understand nothing from all this blog, title is not an exception.
So who is really Vladimir? How start Riot to create Vladimir?Well the answer is simple, how i think the riot started, so Vladimir must be.. be ready, a vampire. Hey not get negative vote for it leave me to explain all.
Vladimir is probably inspirated by the legendary Dracula, a.k.a first vampire and the start of vampire existences a.k.a Vlad Tepes, and his name...
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