Hello readers and be ready to understand nothing from all this blog, title is not an exception.
So who is really Vladimir? How start Riot to create Vladimir?Well the answer is simple, how i think the riot started, so Vladimir must be.. be ready, a vampire. Hey not get negative vote for it leave me to explain all.
Vladimir is probably inspirated by the legendary Dracula, a.k.a first vampire and the start of vampire existences a.k.a Vlad Tepes, and his name is a big spoiler to it.

For who not know or heard of Vlad Tepes, this is him Vlad Tepes was the leader.. or president of Transylvania, and his torture tehnique is why he was so.. popular knoed and created from him a vampire and asociated to Satan sometimes..but we talk about Vladimir or Vlad Tepes, or they are same person?

Anyway if you don't get it with Dracula or not know Vlad as "Vlad Tepes" and know as "Vlad the Impaler" or others, here is an article about it i not readed it cause i alerdy know a lot about Vlad but maybe is somehow helpful for you.

So back at the our Vlad (the champion), i think he was inspired by the other Vlad (Dracula, Satan, or how you want to call him).

i wanted to say and about the background of his skins and others, how the castle maybe is the Transylvania castle but to many to said, i wait your opinion, is Vladimir inspired by Dracula or not?