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mage legend (Unverified)
Nocturne, Kha'Zix, Quinn
, Tank


Hey there!

I enjoy playing games on Steam and i rarely play League of Legends anymore. I'm 17 years old and I'm from Belgium.

I've kind of abandoned my mobafire account, so if you wish to talk to me add "mage legend" on steam.

Here are my best and favorite champions:
This list was mostly intended for myself, to know wich champion to pick, but feel free to read it :D

(Well, this is outdated as ****).

1. Nocturne
2. Kha'Zix
3. Cho'Gath
4. Quinn
5. Teemo
6. Tristana
7. Warwick
9. Skarner
10. Anivia
11. Katarina
12. Varus
13. Akali
14. LeBlanc
15. Pantheon
16. Xerath
17. Garen
18. Lux
19. Ashe
20. Jax
21. Caitlyn
22. Malphite
23. Nidalee
24. Wukong
25. Trundle
26. Blitzcrank
27. Ezreal
28. Miss Fortune
29. Orianna
30. Zed
31. Alistar
32. Fiddlesticks

My favorite roles are:
1. Jungle
2. Top
3. ADC
4. Support
5. Mid

League of Legends Champions:

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