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21 Jan
Hello summoners,

I am currently working on a new project, a Nocturne solo top guide.
You might be thinking: haha Nocturne solo top? what a noob ahaha nooooob uninstall.

This is incorrect. After i tried Nocturne jungle, i was thinking of playing him solo top just once.

It was a succes. I tried it over and over in classic and ranked and won some of my elo back.
I prefer building Nocturne a bit tankier then usual, but of course, with alot of AD and some AS.

Some of you might be thinking that there are weird items in the build, like Phantom Dancer.
I've tried...
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06 Jan
Hey everyone,

some of you may be wondering why it takes such a long time to update my guide.
Well, that's because i tried Nocturne jungle for the first time. I think he's awesome! :D

I'm playing LoL too much so i can't update my guide :P

I'm sorry for making you wait. I'll start updating my guide sooner or later.

Thank you for your attention.

Mage Legend
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07 Oct
Fellow Summonners, welcome to my blog! I'm from Belgium, I'm 14 years old, and i'm lvl 17. My 10 favorite champions are:

1. Anivia
2. Malphite
3. Katarina
4. Cho'Gath
5. Fiddlesticks
6. Ashe
7. Fizz
8. Corki
9. Talon
10. Xin Zhao

Greetings, Mage Legend
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07 Oct

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Hello Sumonners!

I've been working on some guides now, an Ashe guide an a Master Yiguide but i'm probably going to delete it because it sucks. Anyway, i have a question. I found out how BBCoding works, an want to use it in my Ashe guide so i can finally update it, but i don't know how to type [ or ] on a mac and it's very annoying to keep copy and pasting it. Does any1...
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