Having only played league during season 11 and 12, I have never really seen any really big changes to the game. Well, I guess I have, but I never noticed them since I was new to the game, and any new changes to the game during the "early days" of my playtime didn't stand out to me, as everything was new and confusing anyway.

With this, I realize as we soon are about to enter season 13, There'll be a lot of changes to the game, expecially the jungle, and while riot tries to balance the normal gameplay, so that no champions are overpowered or underpowered (except a select few (ryze) who are have been cursed to forever be doomed to irrelevance), I know this won't be the case for off-meta.

As a player that enjoys off-meta, I feel like this will make the game a lot less fun. It already felt bad when riot decided to nerf your favorite champion into oblivion, but now there's a very real risk of some off-meta playstyles or strategies to simply vanish.

This is especially true for off-meta jungle picks, which for the most part are barely viable, since this new season comes with massive changes to the jungle, such as the new jungle pets or the changes to the krugs and scuttle crab.

Obviously, there's no need to be this pessimistic, and hopefully these changes will open up for just as many opportunities for non-regular picks and strategies, but it's hard to ignore the fact that many fun picks and strategies will be unavailable after the next season begins...