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17 Oct

Views: 783 Spanish Help

So I am taking Spanish, and I have to write ten sentences. Help me with the sentences I have, if they are correct, please say so. If they aren't, tell me which sentences are wrong and how to fix it. Kthxbai!

1) El avión es grande. | The airplane is big.
2) Me gusta chicle. | I like gum.
3) La nariz es grande. | Your/my nose is big.
4) La cesta está tejida muy bien. | The basket is woven very good.
5) El elefante es muy grande. | The elephant is very big.
6) Por desgracia, no puedo tocar la...
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26 Aug

Views: 1662 Champion Epiphany

So I am in a little "jam". I need help, badly.

I want Koggie, Ez, and Syndra. I only have enough for 1 as of now.

I want to play AP Ez; Get Koggie since MM said to; and get Syndra because she looks cool. What would you guys recommend doing?
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18 Aug
So I am really really happy. I won 2 ranked games today, coming back from near impossible wins on both. I managed to regain the elo I lost, + some.

So as most of you know, I have a date later on today. I am super-duper excited, since I have been dying to go out with this guy for ages T_T We are going to watch The Hunger Games, and eat dinner at Red Lobster. Then, I will kiss dem lips. I am superly duperly happy, so this is just to let all my happiness out, Night's thread wasn't enough ^^
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