Mintleaves: Hello everyone I'm Mintleaves and I make Rap Battles for Champions. This series I made, was fun to make, and fun to watch you guys have fun with it, so my next rap battle is my last, and I want you to PM on Who's Last, I think I am done I ran out of ideas and I hope you enjoy this one and the next, cue fade effect into...

Dr. Mundo: EPIC RAP BATTLE OF LEAGUE OF LEGENDS!!!! Allow me to introduce JAX!!! Versus!!!! The all deadly YORICCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!! Begin!!

Yorick: Drop dead, you lamp holding sucka' I hope you find that rap battle's over! When I apply my rhymes and put them together, I own you in the land of Damancia mother******! I summon three dudes to lower your health, and then I farm it up, to get more wealth. The only thing that youe rich in? Is the fact that you won't stop *****in'!

Jax: Don't go top, believe me I'm one of the best, better run away before I put you to rest. Don't try to fight, you got 4 other dudes that gives you your score, fight your own feuds! You got a shovel, so dig your own grave, my teammates thank me, when I save, I steal all your towers, I take them away, better be careful, for in the ground you shall stay.

Yorick: Ha! I die, then I come back to life again, you try to jungle, thats how I win, versus a top lane Lee Sin. When you lane it's so pathetic, I'll own your skins, even Jaximus how was that trick?

Jax: Don't try to rap against me! Sit down son and let me teach you how to bleed. I'll put you in the ground like one of GP's orange seeds!

Dr. Mundo: Who Won? Whos Next? You decide! EPIC RAP BATTLE OF LEAGUE OF LEGENDS!!!