Hello there this is Mint and I figured that you guys got bored og my Champion Spotlights so I brought some thing else to this blog now I'll hand the Mic over to Dr. Mundo.

Dr. Mundo: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Epic Rap Battles Of League Of Legends! Where we have Shaco versus Evelynn! Begin!

Evelynn: Hey! There you are just like the Joker without the scar. Think I'm fraid of a failed circus act? Draven got more class than you, He throws axes you throw daggers how ridiculous is that?

Shaco: Hey there girl, you blue in the face im the apocalyse that threw the human race. In 2012 they'll be knowing my name as Shaco, The Demon Jester me and the Joker aren't the same. You got no skill they had to buff you to make you strong, I was OP since i was made am I wrong?

Evelynn: Nah dude you just broke and you know it, you may be a good jungler and a built in flash but dont worry I'll put you down fast! Better say your sorry you sick, ugly clown, you face is all messed up lika frown upside down. A bigger smile than Julia Roberts, Besides it wasnt a buff it was mega nerf! You just jealous that they pay attention to me, now your daggers may slow but they just a weak pitch, my invisible is more op that Twitch!

Shaco: How sad this little one thinks she can beat me i killed a half a dozen people and this is how you will treat me you challenged me to this silly rap battle cause your words might be strong but your just a little tittle tattle!

Dr. Mundo: Who won? Who's Next? You Decide! Epi****BattlesOfLeagueOfLegends!

A New Rap Battle Every day!