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Mintleaves's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Senna

20 Jul
Hello there this is Mint and I figured that you guys got bored og my Champion Spotlights so I brought some thing else to this blog now I'll hand the Mic over to Dr. Mundo.

Dr. Mundo: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Epic Rap Battles Of League Of Legends! Where we have Shaco versus Evelynn! Begin!

Evelynn: Hey! There you are just like the Joker without the scar. Think I'm fraid of a failed circus act? Draven got more class than you, He throws axes you throw daggers how ridiculous is that?

Shaco: Hey there girl, you blue in the face im the apocalyse that threw the human race. In...
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19 Jul
Hey everyone this is Mint my new Ryze Guide is complete! (With a few minor things left out) but go check it out Ryze, an Amazing Bookworm by Mintleaves

So heres some skin ideas that if they ever woere to get to Riot i would thank the person who took them.

Number One: Batman Shen

Q Change: His knife instead he throws his bat-shaped blades

W Change: Shen surrounds himself with his cape

E Change: Shen jumps toards his opponent not dashes

R Change: Shen jumps in the air to his...
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14 Jul

Views: 838 Senna

He there im Mint and im here to talk about Leavers, Trolls, and Feeders.

Leavers Come Back!

Nobody likes a leaver, I mean why join a game if your not prepared to face anything that could happen in it such as, a Feeder or a Troll. Leaving a game is a shameful act and should not be taken lightly. This morning I was playing with a solo top Darius and he went 0/4/1 after that he quit, leaving our jungle to solo top tyrndamere which is fine we got this, wrong. We pushed their top to their inhib tower, their mid to their inhib tower, and their bot to their...
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12 Jul
Hey guys im back sorry I've havent been on in forever, I've been trying to get some IP for this new upcoming champion Zyra, Rise of the Thorns I swear its going to be cool she looks a lot like Blackthrn Morgana doesnt she but i digress. So in the the Champion spotlights i've been making i have been behind in fact i was working on one before i got off i will have it too you by Saturday. Anyways its nice to be back and i hope too talk to you remember you can leave me PMs and comments below.
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