Hey everyone this is Mint my new Ryze Guide is complete! (With a few minor things left out) but go check it out Ryze, an Amazing Bookworm by Mintleaves

So heres some skin ideas that if they ever woere to get to Riot i would thank the person who took them.

Number One: Batman Shen

Q Change: His knife instead he throws his bat-shaped blades

W Change: Shen surrounds himself with his cape

E Change: Shen jumps toards his opponent not dashes

R Change: Shen jumps in the air to his target sheilding them with his cloak and when he arrives the cloak dissapears

Number Two: Batgirl Evelyn

Q Change: Instead of spikes she throws a line of Bat-Shaped Blades

W Change: Same thing except when she comes out of stealth her cloak like unshrouds her

E Change: Looks like the same thing

R Change: She throws a net at her opponent instead of a circle

Number Three: Robin-Jarvan

Q Change: Instead of his spear lunging several times he shoots his robin ray several times

W Change: Robin throws his cloak around himself and nearby allies

E Change: The Robin Signal appears instead of his flag

R Change: Robin uses his bike to surround his opponents creating an arena

So whatcha think?