Hello everyone I am here to talk about the Late August Patch, presented by RIOT.

This patch Phreak and FeralPony spoke about Diana, Graves, Corki, Evelynn, and Ezreal.

They gave Diana a must needed nerf. They lowered her damage and range of most of her abilities while still keeping her mostly the same.

In my opinion they nerfed Graves hard. By getting rid of his attack speed move and they turn around saying that it will help him early game.

A nerf to Corki was not needed in this patch. By giving his ulti a bigger timer to load his missiles, as if people playing Corki isn't having a hard enough time already.

They buffed Evelynn. I in fact was not surprised by this buff, the rework gave her more standing in play but still not good enough to be in ranked or draft. They gave her a lower cooldown on her movement speed, making her more efficent to gank and move about the map, also they lowered the sight range of her passive so she has to be right on top of them to see her.

They should not have done this to Ezreal. They gave him a Buff/Nerf by lowering mana cost for his Mystic Shot they gave his W a bigger hit by lowering the width of the move.

This is what in my opinion should be in this patch

An Ashe rework, I think her passive should be replaced with another, while it's great early game, ok mainly teh beggining in the first bush fight. It is completly useless in any other part of the game. She cannot use her passive when farming making it useless, when in fights it may activate once but again highly unlikely.

Thats it for this disscusion please be sure to leave any suggestions, in the comments section just below.