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Mintleaves's Mobafire Blog - Tag: riot

25 Aug

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Hello everyone I am here to talk about the Late August Patch, presented by RIOT.

This patch Phreak and FeralPony spoke about Diana, Graves, Corki, Evelynn, and Ezreal.

They gave Diana a must needed nerf. They lowered her damage and range of most of her abilities while still keeping her mostly the same.

In my opinion they nerfed Graves hard. By getting rid of his attack speed move and they turn around saying that it will help him early game.

A nerf to Corki was not needed in this patch. By giving his ulti a bigger timer to load his missiles, as...
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01 Aug

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I have a few ideas for LoL particularly the Bots on Summoner's Rift

* You may now select roles for certain bots

Xin Zhao
and other viable jungles

* The selection of bots are now limited to champions you own (not including free to play champions)
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27 Jul

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Hey there this is my 31st post
and I figured I could do it
on something that has been
pondering my mind for a
while. These are some
Item Ideas that I'm mainly
doing cause I'm bored but tell
me if you like them.

Khight's Shining Armor "KSA"

Cost: 1250
Original Cost: 475
Recipe: Cloth Armor, Ruby Crystal

250 health
25 armor
Unique Passive: Grants Allies with 10 armor, and 100 health.
Unique Active: Grants target ally with 20 armor for 15 seconds(cooldown 40 seconds)

Blade of Woe "BOW"

Cost: 2855...
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