Hey there this is my 31st post
and I figured I could do it
on something that has been
pondering my mind for a
while. These are some
Item Ideas that I'm mainly
doing cause I'm bored but tell
me if you like them.

Khight's Shining Armor "KSA"

Cost: 1250
Original Cost: 475
Recipe: Cloth Armor, Ruby Crystal

250 health
25 armor
Unique Passive: Grants Allies with 10 armor, and 100 health.
Unique Active: Grants target ally with 20 armor for 15 seconds(cooldown 40 seconds)

Blade of Woe "BOW"

Cost: 2855
Original Cost: 375
Recipe: b.f. sword, Cloak of Agility

20% Crit. Chance
50 Attack Damage
Unique Passive: For every champion kill you gain +2% Crit. Chance (Max 10 Stacks)
When you are slain you lose 50% stacks.

Boots of Guardsman "Guard's Boots"

Cost: 1075
Original Cost: 250
Recipe: Ruby Crystal, Boots

250 Health
Unique Passive: Enhanced Movement Speed 2 (Does not Stack With other boots)

Boots of The Magi "Magi's"

Cost: 1150
Original Cost: 400
Recipe: Sapphire Crystal, Boots

250 Mana
Unique Passive: Enhanced Movement Speed 2 (Does not stack with other boots)

And that's bout all I got for now I might update this later.