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Mintleaves's Mobafire Blog - Tag: patch

12 Sep

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Hello everyone, time for the patch discussion.

In this patch they mainly focused on the tools of the game one major one.

Players may now create up to 20 mastery pages, up from 10.

This is the biggest part of this patch, I for one look forward to expanding my choices of masteries.

Another big one is Increased the variance in team composition makeups for Coop vs AI.

This had gotten me so excited because I love doing Co-op vs AI and they finally changed it.

They also released Syndra, and fixed a bug with Graves

Heres the...
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25 Aug

Views: 985 patch

Hello everyone I am here to talk about the Late August Patch, presented by RIOT.

This patch Phreak and FeralPony spoke about Diana, Graves, Corki, Evelynn, and Ezreal.

They gave Diana a must needed nerf. They lowered her damage and range of most of her abilities while still keeping her mostly the same.

In my opinion they nerfed Graves hard. By getting rid of his attack speed move and they turn around saying that it will help him early game.

A nerf to Corki was not needed in this patch. By giving his ulti a bigger timer to load his missiles, as...
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