This Battle was redone, and I feel that this one was better.

Mint: Hey Mundo?

Dr. Mundo: Yeah?

Mint: Is it getting hot in here?

Dr. Mundo: Yes actually.

Mint: Well, turn up the AC.

Brand: Forget about it.

Annie: We're gunna play!

Ashe: You can play with my arrows.

Anivia: Or my walls of ice.

Dr. Mundo: You guys got a problem?

Brand: Time to melt 'em eh Annie?

Annie: Lets show 'em Tibbers.

Dr. Mundo: Epic Rap Battles of League of Legends!!! Brand and Annie!!! Versus! Ashe and Aniviaaaaaa-a-aa-a!!!!! Begin!

Brand: Pillar of Flame bring out the pain, making sure that when they melt it'll rain. I'll Blaze each of your faces, You'll win the health races with my burst, your's is gone first! Buh-Buy my items ad get my gold, owning all is my goal and time to endthis fight, tonight, hour long game I've locked it up. Making sure that we be owning you so just shut up!

Ashe: You think you'll get away, I'll slow you don't stray. You may rain the pain and we may go up in flames but prepare for our op stun, your AP I'm AD, done! Don't try to rap versus me, 'specially when I'm on a killing spree. You may burst, but we can slow, build MR, down you go. Making sure that we ain't followed use my ulti, stun you, slow Annie filled with sorrow!

Annie: Whoops it seems you got stunned I'm rapping, now lets have fun! You think you can beat me, I'll set your world on fire. You wanna play? YOU'RE A LIAR! See me I'm in lane, me and Brand we flame the same, target, while you sit there and squirm we eat you like a fried little worm! EEEEWWWWW

Anivia: Hah! Little girl. I use a wall to stop your escape, better watch out or get you'll (shush). It your lane that I will rush, and take down all your towers, me and Ashe we got the power. I'm tower diving like no tomorrow, you an Brand's full of sorrow, you had no chance, at all none, when this rap battle started it was already done!

Dr. Mundo: Who won? Whos next? You decide!!! Epic... AHHHHH!!

Annie: Rap Battles of League of Legends. Hehe. (Giggles)

If you did read all the way to here, I thank you.

Please, please, please tell me who is going to battle next. I really want your input.

Again thank you, for reading I hope you enjoyed it.