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Moonedge's Mobafire Blog

16 Sep
As many of you know, I've been perma-banned..

But a close friend of mine gave me his account to use, it's level 30, with a lot of champs/skins, and it's never played ranked.

I'm gonna pop it's cherry, and I'm going to climb to 1850 before the end of season 2.

Wish me luck? **** you, I don't need luck, if I've got skill.

Also, I'm not going to add anyone for the sake of keeping up with my game.
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13 Sep

Views: 1315 Dear GrandmasterD...

I must bring it to the attention of this site; and knowing this is a place of no judging or ridicule on any levels, I must confess this to you.

Wilson "CasterMaster" Chau, is madly in love with you, and I hope you and he may be very happy in your future endeavours.
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