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Moonedge's Mobafire Blog

10 Jun

Views: 1136 Just letting you all know.

Taneren has pretty much left Mobafire.

Me, Caster, Alba, and him have been friends since Caster started.

Because we're so close, Taneren has let us update his guides for him, because he doesn't play LoL anymore.

I'm taking charge of his Caitlyn guide.

Just letting you all know.
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07 Jun
Hi, my name is Moonedge, and this summer I will be hosting the first annual, MOBAfire: Mid or Feed tournament!

In this tournament, there are 2 divisions; solo, and duo.

In the solo bracket, it will be a simple 1v1 at mid, being a best 2/3 match, in draft mode. Rules are simple:

1. No sidelanes.
2. If you have a global ulti (Ez, Draven, GP.) You are only aloud to use it at mid lane.

The duo bracket however, will be a little different. It is a 2v2 at mid, and it will be win to advance. Same rules as solo bracket.

In the solo bracket, 16 people will need to signup, and in the...
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