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07 Feb
Haven't played Janna in 3 months, but it's like riding a bike. I still got it. /flex

Actually the other lanes besides mine were losing in the beginning. Also, I saved SO many fools, you don't know how many fools I saved from the brink of death! Got several "Thanks Janna!'s" ^.^
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30 Jan
Supporting is a very strategic role, and a major part of the strategy is picking the right support for your team (or to counter the enemy team!). Ideally if you're supporting you will be one of the last picks, and if you're in a premade be sure to coordinate picks with your team.

I just wanted to go through my thought process when I'm picking a support in Draft Mode.

- - -


- Enemy team has an AOE ult comp. Ex: Fiddlesticks, Gangplank, Kennen, vladmir, Amumu, Morgana, Sona, Galio. If necessary buy a...
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