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Mowen's Mobafire Blog

15 Feb

Views: 743 Time to Say Goodbye

Hey guys,

I know that I haven't been active on the forums or guides for a long time, so many of you may not know me, but I wanted to share this for those that have been around long enough to remember me.

I started out on MOBAFire as a guide writer, then a moderator, and then was lucky enough to get offered a job in 2012 as the MOBAFire Community Manager. Now, over 10 years later, I’ll be stepping down as Product Owner.

I started out moderating forums, cleaning up spam, and organizing inhouses. I was lucky enough for my bosses to believe in me and let me take on more and more...
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02 Jun
A few weeks ago I went on a 1 week vacation with my friends to Tokyo, Japan. It was a lot of fun! I'll probably make a few blog posts about it since there's a lot to say.

To start out I didn't sleep the night before I left for Japan since we had to get to the airport at 4am. My friend was nice enough to drive 3 of us there (the group was 4 in total). My flight went to DC first and one of my friends was on it, but then came the 14 hour flight from DC to Japan without any friends. It was rough, but the people I sat beside were actually very nice and showed me how to recline my chair and...
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28 Apr

So my sister gave me some praying mantis eggs for my birthday that you can order from a seller. They are a way to prevent pesky insects from bothering your garden without using chemicals. We don't really have a garden but praying mantises are my favorite bug and they're cool to see regardless!

[img width=100...
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19 Apr
It's been a while since I made a blog post, and I thought this would be a fun thing to share with you guys.

I'd been interested in aquariums and researching them for a while. One day I stopped by a local fish store just to check it out since I thought it'd be neat. The fish store was awesome! One thing that made me really happy is they had a few bettas (Siamese Fighting Fish) that they actually kept in community tanks with other fish instead of those ****py little cups like you usually see them in. My boyfriend was with me and we spotted a beautiful purple betta in one of the tanks...
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28 Mar

Jax: "I cannot believe how hard this Janna is carrying. Good job! :D"
Kog: "How does Shen lose against a Janna?"
Shen: "She pushes me out, obviously"

So I mentioned this in a forum topic not long ago, but I feel like the best counter to Shen top is AP Janna (aside from just banning him). She's unkillable, and can punish him hard for leaving lane by pushing really fast. And if he's dumb enough to use his ult in sight of you, you can just knock him up / back and cancel it! When you pick AP Janna vs. Shen...
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