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Summoner Info

MPeacecraft (Unverified)
Kassadin, Thresh, Cho'Gath
Caster DPS, Support, Jungler


"Armor of the Fifth Age Taric: This is possibly the most OP skin in the game. Upon starting a match, you will instantly be bombarded with people trolling themselves on your armor. They will make remarks they think are harmful/funny/original but in fact are ones you hear EVERY SINGLE GAME. This lets you come up with a variety of humorous retorts and comebacks over time to further incense your enemies. Your best bet is to be as openly and flamingly homosexual towards your persecutors as you can. Using this skin you can cause disruption in the game where without it you could not, making you a Troll Master. (this skin also is based off of the original Taric, who is a Black Man. Icing on the cake. Flaming, chocolate icing.)"
-Megaboss: Taric for Men