Hello and Welcome everyone to one of my top 10 list here on Mobafire :)

Now this is officially my first FULL season of League of Legends and despite all the negativity I actually really enjoyed myself and although I did finish in Bronze I am actually pretty pleased with how I did for someone with very little experience or time to actually practice.

As some of you may know about me I do love the female champions quite a bit...ok quite alot and although yes I do find a majority of them pretty hot (except for Annie I am not THAT perverted) I actually like them because I believe they are the strongest in the game and most importantly the most fun to play in any game mode.

So I thought it would be a good laugh to make a personal top 10 list on the female champions that I really enjoyed playing as during this season in Rift and on ARAM

*Please do note that this list is my own PERSONAL opinion and doesn't reflect the views of any other player or Riot...this is totally my list*

So with that said, let us begin with...

This may be a odd inclusion to the list but I had to include her because I really feel that she is so harshly overlooked as a champion due to the fact it takes a while to get her going but personally speaking I think she is worth the wait cos once you have her going she is also one of the hardest champions to stop making her a wrecking ball in team fights in the late game.

If you haven't played her yet I seriously suggest giving her a few game and get used to her because she really is alot of fun.


Orianna is just so incredible strong because of her passive that gives bonus damage depending on her AP which in its self already makes her one formidable ally and opponent whenever she is in the game but where she shines brightest in during team fights as she uses her ball to manipulate the fight snaring her opponents into a nice tight package reading to be taking down by teammates with strong AOE damage.

When I first started LOL she was viewed as one of the hardest champions to learn but in truth its merely about the reaction times and being ready to hit that ult at just the right time to lead your team to a comfortable victory.

8. VI

Vi will always have a special place in my heart because she was the first champion that I ever scored a pentakill with and since that day she has always been a champion that I enjoy playing with both in top lane and in Jungle due to her impressive tanking prowess and her abilty to close the gap or get out of tight situations.


Some may argue that Lulu could possibly have been the champion of Season 4 due to her incredible ability to work in all three lanes especially in the LCS...so you may be wondering why she is so low on my list? Well the honest answer is I didnt get to play her as much as I would have liked and when I did it was in the support role which has seemingly become her least popular role out of the three but when I did play her she was a whole lot of fun and the amount of close Pentakills I scored in ARAM made sure she made my list at Number 7.


I absolutely love Jinx, her character and her lore is possibly one of my favourites in the game but what I love about her most is her gameplay because it suits me to the T due to the fact that she is designed to go all out attack and if you wanna escape at any time...you gotta fight to earn it making her just one Loose Cannon of a champion in my opinion.


Leona is just a solid support champion but also alot of fun if you are able to be agressive with your ADC due to all of her sweet Stuns and Slows in her arsenal, mix in a strong enough Tank build with a sunfire cape and you have a Champion that can literally stand in the middle of a team fight with only her W and deal...(wait for it) TONS OF DAMAGE!!


Oh dear sweet Sona why does everyone underestimate your power so much? I seriously do not understand why so many players have overlooked this incredible champion since her rework because she is just so OP in my view...I mean I play her as a support with 0 AP and I can still on a good game carve through enemies with my abilities and in most cases I have scored more kills than a majority of my team without even trying to KS.

I can only imagine her strength if you made her a mid lane with tons of AP and CDR...@_@ Damn thats a scary thought indeed


I actually have to admit that I only started played as Sarah when her Arcade skin was released and I regret that it took a new skin for me to really get into her because ******** she is awesome...Her double up is one of my favourite abilities because its so simple and yet so effective for clearing lanes and harassing opponents who are looking for shelter behind their minions.

Her Ult Bullet time is also absolutely sweet to use especially in team fights in tight areas and for pushing advancing enemies back making her a excellent ADC to play with

2. LUX

I have called Lux my "Ace" because nearly every time I have pulled her out of the deck my victory has been secured due her impressive poke and harass skills that makes her both a dangerous mid laner and also a very strong support who can keep opponents at bay whilst dealing some much damage.

Lux Laser is one of the most satisfying abilities if you can land it and is just so pretty to watch go off :3

And my number 1 choice this season is...


Yes you guessed it...Its Morgana

I absolutely love this champion due to her ability to snare her opponents and to cast on of the strongest AOE underneath them watching them panic as their health is cut down at an alarming rate (its just so satisfying) but what I love the most about Morgana is she is one of the best Agressive Support champions in league of legends allowing Supports like myself to enjoy a more physical inclusion to fights rather than merely being told to stay back which I just find awesome.

Morgana popularity has grown this season and with her new Victorious skin I am sure alot of Gold players will be getting to grips with her over the next few months and rightfully so :D

Well that concludes my Top 10 list..I hope you enjoyed